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Abnormal Cycles Ebook

Cost: $25.00
Abnormal cycles of failure and defeat are sequences of recurring successions of negative events. It is a course or series of negative circumstances or operations that recur regularly and usually lead back to the starting point. There can be continual patterns of attacks and failures that lead to constant defeat in our lives or ways of negative living, operating and doing things that we have become addicted to. Abnormal cycles of defeat can be detrimental to the growth, advancement, success and victory of the believer when not broken. Dr. John A. Tetsola in this book teaches us how to spiritually discern and locate cycles of defeat in our lives and then shows us how to understand the following: • Understanding abnormal cycles and its working • The governing truths concerning abnormal cycles of defeat and failure • Abnormal cycles of poverty and its workings • Abnormal cycles of spiritual attacks and its workings • Abnormal cycles of immorality and its workings • Abnormal cycles of sickness and its workings • Abnormal cycles of generational curses and its workings • And much more

Adjusting to the Seasons of God eBook

Cost: $8.00
The nature of walking with the Lord involves constant adjustments to His seasons if we are going to effectively embrace the benefits of the Kingdom...

Advancing Through Transition EBook

Cost: $15.00
Change is never comfortable, but it is a fact of life and it is the will of God. Transitioning is a process, a passage, a move, and a change from one place, method and state to another. It comes with pain and adjustment. The truth is that in order to be progressive in life and in the things of God, we must be willing to make transition and embrace the spirit of it. Transition happens in almost every facet of life, whether spiritually, emotionally or physically. Dr. Jo