God has been in a relentless pursuit of mankind ever since the earliest days of human history. From the moment sin entered our world, separating men and women from God, a plan was engaged that He had conceived from eternity past ... that lost and sinful people would be reconciled to Himself through the death and resurrection of His Son.

The Outreach Ministries of Dream Life Church International are those pathways in which we seek to join with God in this endeavor, both locally and globally. We believe that all people deserve the opportunity to see and hear the good news of life in Jesus Christ. We believe that the Body of Christ is called to this great task...locally and globally.

As a result, we are committed to finding ways for everyone in our church family to connect with people in need of the news that there is life and hope in Jesus Christ. For some, this means service in our local community. For others, it means service in an unreached people group in another part of the world. For all, it means. . .

  • Commitment to developing and employing resources and abilities God has given us for the benefit of people still outside the church.

  • Commitment to understanding and being where those in need can be found, rather than waiting for them to show up in our worlds.

  • Commitment to loving and serving people as they are, not only as we hope they will become in Christ.

  • Commitment to holistic ministry, recognizing that people have spiritual, physical, emotional, and other needs and that Christ desires that we love people as He does -- completely.

  • Commitment to the strategic investment of resources, recognizing that sometimes we are called to the tough places because no one else is there serving in the name of Christ.

  • Commitment to spiritual transformation in the lives of people, believing it to be the basis on which all other significant and lasting transformation can occur.

  • Commitment to partnering with other organizations for the greater good of the Kingdom of God.


Through loving acts of service and compassion, we want to BE good news in the lives of people as we SHARE the good news. We strive to live the Gospel as well as speak it.

The purpose of the Outreach Ministries is to develop and send out specific forces of lay ministries which engage every segment of society for the sake of cultural transformation through evangelism and the work of the ministry.

The Outreach Ministry’s purpose is to reach the un-churched individuals and families that visit our church and live in our community. As Christians, we are to live the examples of God’s love by inviting and sowing seeds of hospitality through our church and partnering churches. Ultimately the seeds we sow should grow to a personal understanding that everyone is accepted and welcomed to unite with His church. The objective is to provide everyone with an opportunity for experiencing the joy of fellowship and security that is provided through a relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.

Dream Life Church seeks to pursue and fulfill our calling to “go and make disciples.” We seek to practically share Christ’s love in the region of the Bronx. The focus of this ministry is to “Serve, Reach, and Embrace” our community with the love of Christ.

  • We Serve

    As a church, within our Connect Groups, and as individuals we will purposefully serve our community and help meet the needs of those within it for the glory of God.

  • We Reach

    Each member of Dream Life will see it as his/her responsibility and privilege to reach out to neighbors, co-workers, and those we meet, with the Gospel of Christ. Not only will we continually challenge ourselves, but we will also equip ourselves with training so that we can effectively share our testimonies and the Gospel with this generation. Along with our service projects, we have regular outreach events with the hope of sharing the Gospel. These include our I Love My Church Outreach, Each One Bring One, Super Tuesday Thanksgiving Blessing Service, Movie Night, Toy Drive and Giveaway and concerts and special speakers. Who has God put in your life to pray for and reach out to?

  • We Embrace

    As people from the community come into contact with Dream Life members at events or visiting, we will embrace them with the love and acceptance of Christ. We will seek to help everyone recognize that they are valuable to God and to us. We will strive for John 13:35 to be characteristic of our church, flowing into the lives of those who visit. We seek to help visitors and newcomers find an easy transition into a Community Group and discipleship relationships.

What can you do?

There are many ways to be involved with each of these areas. Our purpose is fulfilled as each member of Dream Life seeks to use their gifts and talents for this great purpose. There’s nothing more fun than reaching out together with the love of Christ.

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