What Is Dream Life Online Church?

The Dream Life Online Church is a virtual extension of the local church. It provides the benefits and opportunities of church life and services for those who may reside in another country, state, city, homebound, traveling, in transition between churches, may not have a church home or those living in safety concern areas of the globe. It provides a way for those who are not able to attend a local congregation to actively join a church body from anywhere Our virtual church offers you the ability to gather online to apply 1 Corinthians 12 principles of encouraging, teaching, and building one another up in the knowledge and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is done primarily through various streaming avenues such as FaceBook, Youtube, Roku, Apple TV, Vimeo, the Ecclesia Word Ministries App, and our website ecclesiaword.org.

The vision of Dream Life Online Church is reaching people for Christ with no local church in their community and provide a way to belong to the family of God. Additionally, it is to raise up believers to grow in faith and maturity and if a local church body arrives in their area, they will have grown in their understanding of Scripture of the value of attending a local church body as referenced in Acts 2:42-47.

Acts 2:42-47 Model of the Church