Men & Women’s Ministry

Men’s and women’s fellowship gives both men and women the opportunity to connect with other men and women and fellowship together. It helps to build strong relationships and it’s a way to get to really know one another outside of the local church setting.


Married Couples Ministry

The Married Couples ministry help couples thrive in their marriage by providing empowering tools to nourish and cherish each other in a healthy marriage relationship. This ministry will, not only play a pivotal role in building successful marriages, but it will also impact children, families, the church, the community and ultimately, the world.


Single’s Ministry

The Single’s ministry is designed to enrich the lives of single adults of all ages, stages, and phases of life’s journey. The goal of the single ministry is to encourage, enlighten and empower singles to grow and develop to a state of wholeness, completion, and well-being in God while fully living an engaging, exciting, effective, and meaningful Spirit-filled life.

Our meeting times vary so please call first (718) 904-8530