Our Vision

Ecclesia Word Ministries International is an apostolic ministry with a vision and mandate to raise up a generation of reformers and revivalists that will affect the world for Christ and that will take the voice of the Lord with boldness and righteousness living to the nations. It is a training "hub" for champions that will birth and duplicate the purpose of God for their lives and establish the voice of God in their communities.

The Birthing of a Vision

As we begin a new season, God has given us a new mandate to establish and build a NEW APOSTOLIC CENTER. A HUB where the spirit of reformation can be released to the nations and where leaders can be effectively trained. This HUB will be called the REFORMERS CENTER. God says, “If you will dare to obey Me and build it, the people will come, and I will pay for it.”

We have decided to obey God and launch out in the spirit of faith to establish and build the Center debt free. We are estimating the entire project to cost us eight million (8 million US) dollars. God has already begun supplying the finances, hallelujah! God pays for what He orders. The REFORMERS CENTER will become the new International World Headquarters of Ecclesia Word Ministries International.

This vision and mandate were first given to the house of Dream Life Church International, then God instructed us to bring it to the knowledge and attention of our friends, partners and to those whose heart will stir him or her to support the mandate. This we have obeyed.

As we bring this vision to your knowledge, we want to believe God that you will hear the voice of God concerning what role God wants you to play in helping to bring the vision and mandate to pass.

The REFORMERS CENTER will house the following arms of the vision of Ecclesia Word Ministries International:

  • A two thousand seat new sanctuary for Dream Life Church International
  • The Reformers Bible Training Institute (RBTI) (a Bible College)
  • The International Christian Academy

If you have the desire to sow to this God-size vision, click on the link below.