Reformers Bible Training Institute

REFORMERS BIBLE TRAINING INSTITUTE (RBTI) was founded in 1998 by Dr. John A. Tetsola. It is located in a vibrant neighborhood in the Bronx, New York. RBTI is a teaching institute and an apostolic hub where men and women from all races, background, states, and nations come to be strengthened, prepared and developed into reformers to affect their generation for Christ. These people come from every walk of life to answer God's call upon their life.

RBTI is different because once you are a student, you are not only taught the Word, but you are taught how to function and flow in the Spirit to birth the purpose of your assignment. The emphasis of RBTI is on equipping and training to produce world changers. Students receive a wealth of experience from well-seasoned and cutting-edge instructors and also from visiting speakers each semester.

RBTI offers a comprehensive list of courses that will help you advance your knowledge of the Word of God while building character and maturity in your personal life as a believer. It will set you on course to fulfill your God-given call and destiny resulting in purposeful living.

What RBTI Offers?

There are two academic programs offered at RBTI. The first is a two-year program which a student can earn an Associates of Biblical Studies degree. The second is a four-year program which students can earn a Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree.

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