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Advancing Through Transition EBook

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Change is never comfortable, but it is a fact of life and it is the will of God. Transitioning is a process, a passage, a move, and a change from one place, method and state to another. It comes with pain and adjustment. The truth is that in order to be progressive in life and in the things of God, we must be willing to make transition and embrace the spirit of it. Transition happens in almost every facet of life, whether spiritually, emotionally or physically. Dr. John A. Tetsola in this powerful book shows us how to progressively move in God from one level to another by embracing the principles of transition. In this book, you will learn the following: • The call to transitioning • Types of transitions • Methods of transitioning • The blessings of transition • And much moreTo Access eBook Download: Go to "My Account" from the Store page, click on the invoice number, then click "document", and download to your device.


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