Church Life Developmental Syllabus - Module 8 eBook

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Church Life Developmental Syllabus - Module 8 eBook

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Many children attend church because their parents go to church and they do not have a choice. But what will happen when that child grows up and has to make his or her own decision? Will they know God? Will they have a desire to be a part of a ministry or to serve God? Statistics show that the majority of believers become born again as a child, and the older he or she becomes the less likely they are to make a decision for Christ. Therefore, we must reach our children now. Jesus taught the disciples that ministry to children is as important as ministry to adults. Just as it is important for adults to know, love and serve God, so it is for children. We must do all we know to do to lead children to the life­changing experience of knowing Jesus and learning what it means to follow Him. Our children are the next generation of reformers who are going to affect our world for Christ. The time for them to walk in their gifts and fulfill purpose and destiny is not when they grow to adulthood, but it is now.


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