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Advancing Through Transition EBook

Cost: $15.00
Change is never comfortable, but it is a fact of life and it is the will of God. Transitioning is a process, a passage, a move, and a change from one place, method and state to another. It comes with pain and adjustment. The truth is that in order to be progressive in life and in the things of God, we must be willing to make transition and embrace the spirit of it. Transition happens in almost every facet of life, whether spiritually, emotionally or physically. Dr. John A. Tetsola in this powerful book shows us how to progressively move in God from one level to another by embracing the principles of transition. In this book, you will learn the following: • The call to transitioning • Types of transitions • Methods of transitioning • The blessings of transition • And much more

Being an Effective Pastor EBook

Cost: $10.00
Part of the success of the pastoral office is in his effectiveness in executing the call of God upon his life. Effective pastors are grounded in the ministry of the Word and prayer. They put God and the things of God first and endeavor to avoid the pitfalls that destroy their anointing. The pastoral ministry often places the pastor in extreme situations with high stakes: success or failure, acceptance or rejection, vindication or humiliation, life or death. Dr. John Tetsola lays out in this book a clear path of pursuit in becoming effective as a pastor. In this book you will be grounded in the following areas: • Understanding the habits and principles of effective pastors • The marks of maturity for a pastor • The secret of successful pastors • The pitfalls of an effective pastor • And much more

Leadership Secrets for Successful Advancement EBook

Cost: $15.00
Leadership advancement and growth is never an accident or coincidence. It is based on a deliberate, determined desire to grow ones’ potential to a place of excellence and a hunger to excel in the leading of others. Great leaders are not produced in the classroom. They are made through the lifestyles and practices of truth that they live by on a daily basis. Dr. Tetsola in this incredible book explains some key strategies and secrets for advancing as a leader in the Kingdom of God.

Practical Apostolic Leadership Strategies for Dealing with Criticism - Series 8 eBook

Cost: $6.00
Dealing with criticism positively is an important life skill. At some point in your life you will be criticized, perhaps in a professional way. Sometimes it will be difficult to accept, but that all depends on your reaction. At times criticism can feel like a personal attack and it can be really difficult to react without being defensive. On some level, we all want to be liked and valued for who we are, so when someone criticizes us, this is a direct conflict with our innate desire to feel of valued. You can either use criticism in a positive way to improve, or in a negative way that can lower your self-esteem and cause stress, anger or even resentment. In this book, Dr. Tetsola clearly reveals the strategies for dealing with criticism. This book deals with the following: • How to handle criticism • How to maintain joy after receiving criticism and much more

Practical Apostolic Leadership Strategies for Dealing with Stress - Series 9 eBook

Cost: $6.00
Everyone experiences stress at times. Stress can be beneficial by helping people develop the skills they need to cope with and adapt to new situations throughout life. However, excessive stress can interfere with our productivity and performance, and impact your physical and emotional health. Often, our ability to deal with stress can mean the difference between success and failure. We can't control everything in our lives, but that doesn't mean we're powerless. Even when we seem to be stuck in a difficult situation. Whatever our demands or ambitions, there are steps we can take to protect ourselves from the damaging effects of stress and improve our job satisfaction. In this book, Dr. Tetsola deals with the strategies needed for responding to and managing stress. This book deals with the following: • Symptoms of stress • Major causes of stress • How to conquer stress and more

Practical Apostolic Leadership Strategies for Delegation - Series 4 eBook

Cost: $6.00
When we think of strong leadership, thoughts of courage, resiliency, boldness and determination come to mind. We think of a leader confidently in charge, steering the ship and leading the team. What we often do not think of is delegation. The ability to wisely and effectively delegate is a quality far quieter than others, and yet one of the most crucial to a leader's success. Whether you're a manager, owner of your own business, pastor of a local church, or simply working on a group project, effective delegation is one of the keys to achieving your goals. In this book, Dr. Tetsola discusses the strategies needed to effectively delegate responsibilities and task. This book deals with the following: • Why leaders must delegate • How to effectively delegate • Barriers in delegation and more

Practical Apostolic Leadership Strategies for Establishing Strong Staff Relationships - Series 6 eBook

Cost: $6.00
Aiming to create a strong leader-to-staff relationship within your organization is commendable. Many positive results arise when leaders and those they lead respect and trust each other. But getting to the point of reciprocal trust and respect can be challenging for many organizations. Some organizations don't realize that there are several actions they can take to make their organization or ministry run smoother. In this book, Dr. Tetsola deals with the strategies for establishing strong staff relationships. This book deals with the following: • Working as a team • Developing relationships • A spiritual approach to handling confrontation • Administering correction and more

Practical Apostolic Leadership Strategies for Goal Setting - Series 1 eBook

Cost: $6.00
Goal setting is a key to every successful and great leader. However, many leaders sabotage their own success by setting ineffective or unclear goals. Great goals accelerate the leader to accomplish more in a quicker time than expected or anticipated. Great goals inspire, motivate, and focus energy to achieve significance through accomplishment. Without goals leaders lack focus and direction. Goal setting not only allows leaders to take control of their life's direction, but it also provides you a benchmark for determining whether they are actually succeeding. In this book, Dr. Tetsola clearly reveals the strategies every leader must employ for setting goals. This book deals with the following: • The benefits of setting goals • Obstacles to overcome in achieving goals • How to set achievable goals and more

Practical Apostolic Leadership Strategies for Making Good Decisions - Series 2 eBook

Cost: $6.00
When we think of what makes someone a great leader, one characteristic that comes to mind is decisiveness. We do not envision successful leaders standing around appearing unclear and uncertain. Instead, we view them as people who are able to quickly arrive at their decisions and communicate the goals to others. Leaders must make decisions every day. It is one of the most important responsibilities of a leader. Some of them are minor, such as when to meet with team members and team building activities. Others are major, affecting the very lives of team members and requiring much thought and prayer. In this book, Dr. Tetsola addresses the tools every leader must possess to make good leadership decisions. In this book you will learn the following: • The Importance of making good decisions • The danger of being indecisive • Steps for making good decisions • The spiritual and natural sides of making good decisions and more

Practical Apostolic Leadership Strategies for Motivating Team Members - Series 7 eBook

Cost: $6.00
Leaders are only as good as their team. It is the job as the leader to set the bar, inspire, and motivate team members to reach greatness. Motivating team members is a challenge with constantly changing parameters. As a team leader, the strategies you employ on any given day to maintain productivity and keep team members focused can change depending on the organizational climate, assigned tasks and looming deadlines. Good leadership qualities encompass a basic toolkit of motivational strategies to maintain team member cooperation while allowing leaders the flexibility to tackle daily motivational issues. In this book, Dr. Tetsola reveals the qualities needed to effectively motivate team members. In this book you will learn the following: • What is motivation • The greatest motivation in service to God • How to create an atmosphere of high motivation and more

Practical Apostolic Leadership Strategies for Strong Leadership Teams - Series 5 eBook

Cost: $6.00
There is no doubt that leadership is the primary driver of organizational success. Yet leading today is more challenging than ever due to the accelerating pace of change and escalating complexity of the world around us. One necessary way of responding to these challenges is by improving how an organization's top leaders work together to manage the responsibilities of leadership. In truth, it is extremely difficult for leaders at the top of an organization (large or small) to provide the leadership necessary for an organization to become high performing if they have not defined how they will work together. In this book, Dr. Tetsola addresses the principles for developing a strong leadership team. This book deals with the following: • How to develop leaders by example • The need to develop leaders through training • Why leaders must develop young leaders and more

Practical Apostolic Leadership Strategies for Time Management - Series 3 eBook

Cost: $6.00
Time is constant and irreversible. Nothing can be substituted for time. Worse, once wasted, it can never be regained. Leaders have numerous demands on their limited time -time keeps getting away and they have trouble controlling it. No matter what their position or role is, they cannot stop time. They cannot slow it down, nor can they speed it up. Thus, time needs to be effectively managed to be effective. In this book, Dr. Tetsola reveals the necessary strategies for good time management. In this book you will learn the following: • How to organize your life to make use of your time • The need to keep your activities in line with your goals • Identifying the steps in needed in reaching your goals and more

School for Ruling - Volume 1 eBook

Cost: $25.00
The tremendous cry for true leadership echoes in the Church today… “Give us true leaders after whom we can pattern our lives!” In this manual, Dr. John Tetsola aggressively and boldly redefines the appropriate biblical approaches to building effective leadership and strong local churches in this hour. John challenges us to build apostolic teams, eldership teams, ministerial cabinets, and leadership components.

School for Ruling - Volume 2 eBook

Cost: $25.00
Leadership is not about what we become. It is about what we help others to become. That is how real leaders think. It is keeping your words when it is not convenient. And it is being faithful when your own flesh wants to run away. That is leadership. In this manual, you will learn the importance of leadership in three areas. The first area deals with leadership foundations. The second area deals with leadership strategies and the third area deals with leadership applications.

School for Ruling - Volume 3 eBook

Cost: $20.00
Vision is that which clings like glue to the inside of you when everything else is stripped away. It is what your mind naturally gravitates towards when you are not legitimately concentrating on something else. Vision is the act of seeing things that are invisible as being real to you, yet unreal to everyone else. Dr. John Tetsola in this training manual tremendously brings clarity concerning vision, its development, and its application in the life of the believer and in the local church.

Shared Leadership eBook

Cost: $12.00
The building of the twenty-first century church must be according to apostolic patterns, and these are accomplished by apostolic teams or “shared leadership”. There must be a true plurality of leadership governing the church, with a set man, for the church to be healthy, strong and to accomplish its assigned purpose. These “shared leaders” are sometimes called eldership or apostolic teams, and they help to birth and establish the apostolic patterns of God in the local church. In this book, you will learn and understand the principles of apostolic teams, their function, ministry and their role in establishing true apostolic church government in a local church.

Successions and Transitions EBook

Cost: $10.00
Unfortunately, leadership succession and transition is usually one of the sloppiest things that ever happens in the local church. Most of the time there is no real plan...

The Diaconate eBook

Cost: $10.00
.One of the most neglected ministries in the Church today is the ministry of the Deacon. The anointing and the office of the Diaconate (Deacon) have been demeaned to a church maintenance ministry thereby preventing the full restoration of the Deacons’ anointing to the local church. The misconception and injustice to the Diaconate have caused men and women to lose value for the Deacons’ office. This book deals with the true importance of the Diaconate to the local church, the relationship of the Diaconate to the Shepherd and then reveals biblically the selection and appointment process of true Deacons.

The Difficulties of Pastoring EBook

Cost: $7.00
It is often said that the pastor’s job is one of the hardest jobs in America. Being a pastor is hard work. It is not for wimps. This is the reality. The job of a pastor can be 24/7 and carry unique challenges. Some pastors wear themselves out trying to help people. Some wound their families because they are so involved in ministry. In many situations, the pastor needs to be a Bible teacher, accountant, strategist, visionary, computer tech, counselor, worship director, prayer warrior, mentor, fundraiser and leadership trainer. Who can be all of that? Dr. John Tetsola in this book helps to bring understanding and clarity concerning the difficulties of the pastoralship and some insights on how it can be cured. In this book, you will learn the following: • Understanding the difficult challenges for pastors in the church • The difficulties pastors face in their personal life • Dealing with discouragement in ministry • Remedies for pastoral weariness • Pastoring difficult people • And much more

The Downfall of the Man of God eBook

Cost: $12.00
The enemy desires to break down the body of Christ by coming against its leaders...The enemy desires to break down the body of Christ by coming against its leaders. It is a common occurrence today to see and hear of leaders who once were successful in their service to God fall and fail in their assignment. It is a focal priority of the enemy in the last days. But it doesn’t have to be so. God’s plan for the man of God is to be successful and to complete his assignment. In this book, Dr. John Tetsola deals with key reasons why men of God fall and fail in their assignments.

The Making Process of God's Leaders eBook

Cost: $15.00
Where does the Church stand in today’s society of confusion and hopelessness? The Church stands where its leaders lead her to stand. We need a new breed of leaders today who will rise to the challenge and become a champion in the Body of Christ. The world is groping for effective leadership, and the Church is too.

The Pastor's Heart eBook

Cost: $11.00
Throughout history, the question regarding one of the most dramatic departures of a man of God and the dramatic beginnings of his successor has brought incredible insight and revelation to how the heart and spirit of a pas- tor can be transferred to his congregation to accomplish the vision of the local church. There is a reward, not just in heaven, but here on earth as well, for those who know that God has linked them to a pastor and who have stayed faithful to their pastor even through times of adversity. This book deals with the pastor’s heart. It deals with how to receive and maintain the pastor’s heart, how to lose the pastor’s heart, raising armor bearers around the pastor, understanding your pastor's voice and much more

The Pastor's Role and Responsibility eBook

Cost: $7.00
The goal of the pastor is to reveal the Glory of God in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit to a people who need God’s grace for life. Pastors do not seek fame or recognition for themselves, but they are placed in a position of authority by the Holy Spirit. This spiritual gift is one that carries many different responsibilities. These responsibilities can often become very overwhelming and when not handled properly can cause a pastor to quit. Dr. Tetsola in this book brings understanding to the pastor’s responsibilities and several helpful points. In this book, you will learn the following: • The spiritual gift of the pastors • The traditional versus the contemporary roles of the pastor • The pastor’s responsibilities in ministry • Practical points for endurance in ministry • And much more

The Shepherd's Hurt and Disappointments eBook

Cost: $15.00
Pastoring churches has sunken to near the bottom of the list of most respectable vocations by most observers. Often time, pastors were listed right above used car salesmen in perceived trustworthiness. Even though there is the joy of pastoring, there are many other things that pastors must face and endure that others may never have to deal with. The pastorate often brings its own types of pain and disappointment. In this powerful book, Dr. John A. Tetsola teaches us how to handle and walk through the pain, hurt and disappointment of ministry while shepherding God’s people. This book will teach you the following: • The pain and disappointment in ministry • The betrayal in ministry • The comparison factor • The family conflict in ministry • And much more