The Anointing of Recovery


The Anointing of Recovery - 5

Dr. John A. Tetsola

Sunday, November 18, 2018


The Anointing of Recovery

God desires that we recover everything that the enemy has stolen from us, whether legally or illegally. There is nothing that is so hard that you have gone through in your life that the power of God cannot retrieve in your life. However, in the plan of God for our lives, God is not alone in making it happen. We must partner with Him. Recovery doesn’t take place unless we participate. The enemy will not let go of anything he has taken from us unless we participate in God’s plan. The greatest news is when God brings recovery into your life, He does not just return what was stolen from you. God brings recovery along with addition and multiplication. God desires that we not just walk in the anointing of recovery alone, but also in restitution. In this teaching series you will learn: • What is the anointing of recovery? • The six things the enemy seeks to steal • Strategies that the anointing of recovery activates • And more

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