The Season of Acceleration


The Season of Acceleration Pt 5

Dr. John A. Tetsola

Sunday, February 25, 2018


The Season of Acceleration

The anointing of acceleration is a very powerful and gratifying anointing that God manifest in the life of the believer. Every child of God in the Kingdom of God has experienced a delay in their lives; it's simply unavoidable. In fact, God uses a delay to grow us and to prepare us for His intentions in our lives. We all go through seasons where that which God has promised us or declared over us seems to be held up, and we question if it will ever happen. However, there comes a time and season in our walk with Him when He hastens to manifest that which we have been believing and waiting for. When God begins to quicken His Word in our lives, we must remain in step with Him to see all of His intentions for us come to pass in our lives. In this teaching series you will learn: • What is the anointing of acceleration? • The heart attitude on how a prophetic promise is received • The promises of acceleration • And more

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