Breaking and Destroying Cycles of Curses


Sermon 6


Sunday, December 29, 2019


Breaking and Destroying Cycles of Curses

Many preachers today say, “when you are born again, you’re no longer under the curse”, but it is extremely important for us to understand that everything in the Kingdom is conditional. God declares in His Word that there is a day coming where the curses of the father will not be held upon the child. If this is so, we must begin to ask ourselves “Why do so many in the Kingdom live under the curses of their forefathers”? Many believers can be in the Kingdom and actually live and operate under curses. Jesus died that we would live lives free from every curse, and we must come to a place of settlement that it is not the will of God that curses land on or live in our lives. The believer doesn’t have to walk in the same things their parents walked in. We can live the high life of freedom Jesus dies to give to us.

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