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Leadership Secrets for Successful Advancement

Cost: $15.00
Leadership advancement and growth is never an accident or coincidence. It is based on a deliberate, determined desire to grow ones’ potential to a place of excellence and a hunger to excel in the leading of others.

Schooling for Ruling - Volume I

Cost: $25.00
The tremendous cry for true leadership echoes in the Church today… “Give us true leaders after whom we can pattern our lives!”

Schooling for Ruling - Volume II

Cost: $25.00
Leadership is not about what we become. It is about what we help others to become. That is how real leaders think...

Schooling for Ruling - Volume III

Cost: $20.00
Vision is that which clings like glue to the inside of you when everything else is stripped away...

Shared Leadership

Cost: $12.00
The building of the twenty-first century church must be according to apostolic patterns, and these are accomplished by apostolic teams or “shared leadership”...

Successions & Transitions

Cost: $10.00
Unfortunately, leadership succession and transition is usually one of the sloppiest things that ever happens in the local church. Most of the time there is no real plan...

The Diaconate

Cost: $10.00
One of the most neglected ministries in the Church today is the ministry of the Deacon...

The Downfall of the Man of God

Cost: $12.00
The enemy desires to break down the body of Christ by coming against its leaders...

The Making Process of God's Leaders

Cost: $15.00
Where does the Church stand in today’s society of confusion and hopelessness?