The Difficulties of Pastoring

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The Difficulties of Pastoring

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It is often said that the pastor’s job is one of the hardest jobs in America. Being a pastor is hard work. It is not for wimps. This is the reality. The job of a pastor can be 24/7 and carry unique challenges. Some pastors wear themselves out trying to help people. Some wound their families because they are so involved in ministry. In many situations, the pastor needs to be a Bible teacher, accountant, strategist, visionary, computer tech, counselor, worship director, prayer warrior, mentor, fundraiser and leadership trainer. Who can be all of that? Dr. John Tetsola in this book helps to bring understanding and clarity concerning the difficulties of the pastoralship and some insights on how it can be cured. In this book, you will learn the following: • Understanding the difficult challenges for pastors in the church • The difficulties pastors face in their personal life • Dealing with discouragement in ministry • Remedies for pastoral weariness • Pastoring difficult people • And much more


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