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Danger of Being Out of Position

Cost: $70.00
Positioning is very vital to God. When God speaks to us He addresses our position...

God My Source - DVD

Cost: $180.00
It is very easy to sit in an atmosphere of comfort and hear teachings about depending upon God as your source, and, if you ask Christians all over the world who their source is, everyone will say He is...

God's Formula for Successful Living - DVD

Cost: $42.00
God has a formula for us to be successful and to enjoy the life that He has ordained for us...

How to Recognize the Seasons of God in Your Life - DVD

Cost: $84.00
God never does anything in the absence of seasons and timing. Everything that God does in the believer’s life and on earth is based on the seasons and timing that was allocated to them...

Living the Blessed Life

Cost: $56.00
God calls for each of us to pursue different things at different times in our lives. There is a process to every pursuit we embark on...

Making God Number One In Your Life - DVD

Cost: $182.00
The successful believer is the believer whose heart is after God. It is the believer that has learned and mastered the art of making God number one in their life on a consistent basis...

Prosperity and The Soul

Cost: $60.00
Every one of us has an area in our lives that we desire to see the spirit of breakthrough manifested, but for that to happen breakthrough must first manifest internally before it can ever manifest externally...

Soul Ties and It's Cures - DVD

Cost: $42.00
The Word of God tells us that Adam “knew” Eve and “the two became one flesh.”

The Power of Divine Strategies

Cost: $80.00
The difference between success and failure or victory and defeat is not always based on physical resources, but rather on our ability to recognize the seasons of God in our lives...