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The House Prophet and the Presbytery

Cost: $11.00
The role of the house or resident prophet and its understanding cannot be overstated in this season.

Church Growth and the Power of Evangelism

Cost: $12.00
The Lord wants His church to grow. He released His gifts in others to ensure growth and development. Many have no problem believing this...

Church Life Developmental Syllabus

Cost: $132.00
All Eleven Modules: Lifting the Load of Ministry Off of Your Leaders Shoulders.How to Respond to Correction without Distraction and more.

How to Relate to Itinerant Ministers

Cost: $7.00
Itinerant ministries and ministers are essential if the church is to rise to completeness and the full stature of Christ. ...

Raising Spiritual Sons

Cost: $12.00
Building a strong local church demands that we build with faithful, committed, loyal and dependable people...

Seeds of Discord

Cost: $9.99
One of the spirits that has been unleashed in this hour against the Body of Christ is the spirit of discord...

Surviving the Spirit of Betrayal

Cost: $10.00
Betrayal is something that has happened to people since the beginning of time...

The Anointing of the Second Best

Cost: $12.00
For every successful leader in Scripture, there were always second best men who stood firmly behind them without dissension and competition to undergird the assignments of God...

The Pastor's Heart

Cost: $11.00
Throughout history, the question regarding one of the most dramatic departures of a man of God and the dramatic beginnings of his successor has brought incredible insight and revelation...

The Power of the Joining of The Lord

Cost: $12.00
The joining of the Lord is the divine covenant, the divine agreement, and connection that God brings us into to unite our lives, our vision, and destiny with people...

The Tragedy of Betrayal

Cost: $12.00
The spirit of betrayal is the number one cause of division and splits in the local church...

The Value Local Church

Cost: $12.00
The local church is a very significant part of church life...

Understanding Divine Placement and Assignment

Cost: $12.00
God has given us the earth as our assignment. However there are areas of jurisdiction given to us by God on the earth...