The Power of The Planting of The Lord

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The Power of The Planting of The Lord

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There is no doubt that God’s desire for us is that we flourish as children of God. To flourish means that we are blossoming, bringing forth Godly fruit in and through our lives. One of the most important things to happen in a believer’s life is to get planted in the house of the Lord that God has for him. This is why satan has worked at getting people out of God’s house. The last thing that the devil wants is for believers to flourish and grow spiritually. You will always have those who will say they don’t need to go to church in order to develop spiritually, but that is not what the Word of God says. Whenever we begin to develop our own belief system that does not go along with the Word of God, we are falling into idolatry. Dr. John A. Tetsola in this book, exposes and explains the importance of the planting of the Lord and its blessings. In this book, you will come to understand the following: • The importance of being planted • The ten thoughts on uprooting from a local church • The enemy’s strategies to uproot you • How to flourish where you are planted • And much more


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