The Power and The Blessings of Resurrection

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The Power and The Blessings of Resurrection

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The resurrection of Jesus Christ was one of the most momentous events in history. By rising from the dead to return to eternal power at the right hand of the Father, Jesus fulfilled a vital part of the plan of God that has paramount importance to the life and future of every person. The resurrection is the foundation of the believer’s life. It is our rock, and what we stand on. The truth of the resurrection of Christ permits us to deal with the difficulties we face in our lives, and to push back on the works of the enemy. This is great news to us. If Jesus had not risen from the dead, we would not be able to see victory over every circumstance, situation and challenge we encounter. Let us never forget the incredible importance of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. It is the anchor of every hope we have and ultimately the anchor of hope for all mankind. In this teaching series you will learn: • What does the resurrection mean to the believer? • Why is resurrection so important to the believer? • The blessings and guarantees of resurrection • And more


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