Mastering Your Emotions

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Mastering Your Emotions

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Part of our successes, victories and defeats in life is often determined by the stability of our emotions. Our emotions play a great role in our advancement. Emotions represent the inner responses that motivates outward actions. Emotions are our God given capacity to connect our inner and outer world. It is the fire behind our success in life or sometimes our downfall. If we are to live godly lives – Christ like lives – then we need God’s perspective on emotions. When God paused to ponder His image bearers, He declared that they – emotions included – were “very good”. Feelings and emotions were God’s idea. But it has to be mastered and managed properly to produce the successes and victories that God intended. Dr. John Tetsola in this powerful book shows us how to master our emotions, to control and dominate the negative responses of the soul that creates defeat. In this book you will learn the following: • Understanding emotions • Identifying emotional triggers • The effects of negative emotions • Mastering emotions by the Spirit • The keys to controlling your emotions and your moods • And much more


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