The School of the Spirit Manual

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The School of the Spirit Manual

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The supernatural life is a practiced lifestyle, and it is for the believer. It is a way of living from the dimension of the spirit realm to the physical realm. All believers are called to live this way. God’s intention is to always showcase Himself through us by demonstrating His power over the circumstances and situations that we experience. This ought to be a regular occurrence in the believer’s life. But for this to happen and remain a constant occurrence, we must come to understand the importance and power of the anointing of the Holy Spirit, its fruits and the activation of its gifts in us to produce God’s power in the earth realm. Dr. John Tetsola in this manual teaches us the importance of the supernatural realm through the activation of the anointing, its fruits and its gifts. In this book you will be trained in the following areas: • The mysteries of the anointing power • How to live an anointed life • How to provoke the anointing to work for you • The making of the anointing • The importance, the activation, and release of the gifts of the spirit • The working of the fruit of the spirit • And much more


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