The Winning Lifestyle in a Crisis

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The Winning Lifestyle in a Crisis

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God has a solution for every problem in life. He has assured every one of His children of victory in crisis. However, we must follow the divine blueprint if we want to be victorious. The means there is a lifestyle that is required to walk in the victory He has established for us in any crisis. Crisis, when handled correctly, will cause us to bring out the best of what God has placed inside of us. For us to see this manifest, there are critical areas of our lives that we must master in crisis. This sets the ground for His victory to manifest in our lives. Every one of us will or has experienced a crisis at some point. We must set ourselves to master these areas before crisis arise. In this teaching series you will learn: • Mastering Fear • Mastering Courage in Your Life • Mastering the Faith Life • Mastering Emotions


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