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Mastering Fear

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Mastering Fear

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Throughout the world many people have many problems and anxious concerns right now. Many, many people are trapped in lives of fear. We are a culture saturated by fear. Fear has become a slave master to some of us, controlling our every thought and action. Fear can cause us to become dysfunctional or non-functional. All of us have experienced fear, but in varying degrees. Some people have been able to overcome it quickly while others are ensnared and pulled down so much that they are overwhelmed. The acronym F.E.A.R = false evidence appearing real, is just what we experience when we are walking in a spirit of fear. Our Father does not deal in anything false. He is a God of Truth and it is truth that sets us free. In this teaching series you will learn: • Six keys truths about the spirit of fear • The purpose of fear • The four entry points of fear • And more


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