The Process To Walking in The Spirit

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The Process To Walking in The Spirit

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Walking in the Spirit means being obedient to the Spirit – to the instructions and directives which the Spirit of God brings to you. Life in the Spirit is a process and a journey. There is no short cut to learning how to walk with the Spirit. It is not just for the ultra- spiritual people nor is it reserved for charismatic Christians. Life according to the Spirit is not simply trying to do the right thing, nor is it trying to live according to God’s law. Walking in the Spirit is the central metaphor for describing what is means to live as a Christian. Dr. John A. Tetsola in this book shows us how to effectively walk in the spirit without constantly stumbling. In this book, you will learn about the following: • Understanding the things of the Spirit • What it means to walk in the Spirit • How to walk in the Spirit • The hindrances to walking in the Spirit • And much more


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