The Pride Trap

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The Pride Trap

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One of the greatest, most dangerous, yet often successful traps the enemy uses against the believer is the pride trap. The spirit of pride is rightfully distinguished as the foremost among the seven “deadly sins,” each of the seven equally as deadly, but none quite as notorious as this “sin of the devil.” Pride is by far one of the most subtle and detrimental spirits the believer can walk in, and a dangerous enemy. It is a spirit that establishes division in relationships, unholy hierarchies in communities and even divides God from His people. It pits you against your Maker. Pride has been called “the cancer of the soul, the beginning of all sin, and sin in its final form.” Dr. John Tetsola in this powerful book unveils the destructive power of pride, its dangers and how it can be overcome. In this book, you will learn the following: • The danger of the spirit of pride • The destructive work of pride • Discerning the spirit of pride at work • The fruit of pride • How to escape the pride trap • And much more


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