Satanic Snares and Its Traps

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Satanic Snares and Its Traps

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We face an adversary that is cunning and powerful and would do anything and everything possible to trap the believer to defeat and cause him to abandon the pursuit of God. He does this through the snares that he introduces into our lives. Snares are any allurements to wrong doings from which escape is difficult. It is something that gains control and advantage over you by trapping you. The cost of being overcome by satanic snares is very enormous and sobering, because most Christians never recover. Satan’s most powerful tool is his ability to take away or weaken the degree of our sensitivity to discern the snares that he introduces into our lives. Dr. John Tetsola in this powerful book teaches and shows us how to successfully discern and overcome the snares that produce the trap that destroys the believer’s walk. In this book, you will learn the following: • Understanding the power of snares • The dangers of satanic snares • The mission of the enemy through snares • How to easily recognize satanic snares • How to overcome and be victorious over satanic snares • And much more


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