Winning the War of the Mind

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Winning the War of the Mind

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The stronghold of our warfare or battle is in the mind. Until you win the war of the mind, you cannot win the war of life. It first begins in your mind. The weapon of our warfare is to be directed first and foremost to the thoughts of our mind. Until you first become an overcomer within, you cannot become an overcomer without. Your mind is the battle ground of your life. You must know how to capture every evil thought and bring it into the compliance of God’s Word. Until you arrest your thoughts, you will remain arrested and controlled by it. Dr. John Tetsola in this powerful book teaches us the secrets to winning the war of the mind to properly embrace and walk in the mind of Christ. In this book you will learn the following: • The importance of the mind • The power of thoughts • The demand for mind renewal • Gaining victory over impure and negative thoughts • And much more


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