The Anointing of Opportunity

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The Anointing of Opportunity

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Opportunity comes with so many different faces that we often don’t recognize it. That’s probably why we sometimes miss its call. Sometimes these opportunities may look like coincidences. These are the hand of God at work in situations and events of life with the aim of actualizing a divine purpose. The anointing of opportunity is divine and a divine opportunity is a set of events, circumstances or situations orchestrated and arranged by the Spirit of God that makes it possible for you to obtain or do something that you have never done before. But for this to happen you must learn to recognize an opportunity and then be prepared to walk in it. Dr. John Tetsola in this book teaches us the value of divine opportunities, how to identity and bring it into manifestation. In this book you will learn the following: • The importance of opportunity in the life of the believer • The opportunistic mindset • The opportunistic mindset and how it is developed. • How to identify an opportunity • How to prepare yourself for opportunity • Factors to consider before embracing an opportunity. • And much more


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