Rebellion and Its Dangers

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Rebellion and Its Dangers

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Rebellion is a common cultural problem in the church. The spirit of rebellion has been attributed to the cause of many church splits and division. Rebellion is an open resistance to an established government. It is the process of resisting authority, and the defiance or disobedience to an established order. God has given man dominion over the earth, which requires authority and responsibility. When we rebel against authority or are defiant to an established order, we rebel against the ordination of God. This angers God. Dr. John A Tetsola in this book shows us how to overcome the stronghold of rebellion and walk in the submission of God’s anointing and promises. In this book you will learn the following: • The spirit of rebellion • Rebellion in the local church • Characteristics of a rebellious spirit • Common causes of a rebellious spirit • The dangers of rebellion • And much more


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