Spiritual Capacity and Its Growth

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Spiritual Capacity and Its Growth

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One of the keys to the believer’s success, advancement and the manifestation of God’s promises is based on the depth, the strength and the degree of his spiritual capacity. Everything God does for the believer is always in direct proportion to the degree of the spiritual capacity that he or she walks in. Spiritual capacity is the power and the ability to produce, to do, to carry and to establish the plans and purposes of God. Growing our spiritual capacity is very significant in moving from one phase of life to another in the Kingdom. Without a progressive growth in our spiritual capacity, we would not be able to efficiently accomplish God’s assignments. Dr. John Tetsola in this powerful material teaches us the importance of spiritual capacity and its growth in accomplishing the assignments of God. In this book you will learn the following: • The importance of growing your spiritual capacity. • The four realms and dimensions of spiritual capacity • The working of spiritual capacity to accomplish the purposes of God. • How to grow and increase your spiritual capacity • And much more


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