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Apostolic Commissioning EBook

Cost: $10.00
Apostolic commissioning is something that most believers and churches are unfamiliar with. It is easier for most Christians to relate to pastoral, bishopric, and eldership ordinations than it is for them to relate to the ordination of an apostle...

Apostolic Expressions in the Local Church EBook

Cost: $25.00
The local church is an expression of an apostolic center where apostolic doctrines are established and practiced...

Apostolic Governance eBook

Cost: $12.00
Building, leading and governing an apostolic center is some times a difficult task for apostolic leadership without the proper understanding of the principles of apostolic governance...Building, leading and governing an apostolic center is some times a difficult task for apostolic leadership without the proper understanding of the principles of apostolic governance. Apostolic governance is the ability to rightly control, direct and administer apostolic policies in a house to produce an effective manifestation of the vision of the center. This book teaches you the principles of Apostolic Governance and its application.

Apostolic Lessons for Apostolic Leaders Volume 1 EBook

Cost: $15.00
Advancing the apostolic reformation demands that we understand the role of the apostolic anointing and ministry in our contemporary society...

Apostolic Lessons for Apostolic Leaders Volume 2 eBook

Cost: $15.00
The success of an apostolic center is often based on the growth and maturity of its leaders. But growth and maturity don't happen overnight. It is a deliberate and conscious process that is pursued and embraced, that eventually brings an apostolic leader to a place of strength in his anointing. It is in this place of strength and maturity that he functions in, to build that which God has placed on his heart. Dr. John Tetsola in this powerful book deals with very significant strategies and lessons that every apostolic leader must learn and embrace in order to mature in his anointing and pursuit. This book is divided into four sections. Each section deals with pertinent apostolic strategies and lessons. In this book, you will learn the following: * Fathering in an apostolic church *Protecting against burnout * The struggle with apostolic leadership relationships * The pitfalls of apostolic leadership and more

Building Apostolic an Apostolic Team that Wins eBook

Cost: $11.00
The most effective team spirit is produced when all the individuals involved harmonize their contributions and work toward a common goal... The most effective team spirit is produced when all the individuals involved harmonize their contributions and work toward a common goal. As great as we might be, we cannot accomplish alone what God has called us to do. There has to be gifted, talented, and great people that are willing to connect with us to make vision work. This book will challenge and teach you how to build an apostolic team spirit that wins.

How God Builds Apostolically EBook

Cost: $14.00
God is a builder. He laid the foundation of the world. He framed the world. And when God builds something, he builds it to last. He builds for longevity. And whatever God builds withstands the attacks, the difficulties, and the storms of life. Jesus says there is no other foundation that a man can lay, other than the foundation that is already laid. Jesus is the only foundation that has been laid. And everything we build must be built and orchestrated first by Him and on Him.

Processing Apostolic Vision eBook

Cost: $11.00
There are many ways to get results, but not many ways to get a God result. When you constantly produce results without embracing the process of God, you set yourself up for failure, as well as a slew of negative emotions. In processing an apostolic vision, the means to realize your goals must be processed by God, otherwise, it will destroy you. It is in the processing that the vision becomes refined and clearer to understand, to pursue, and to accomplish. In this book, the author deals with the following: * The power of apostolic vision * The persevering faith of believing * Believing for the outcome of our faith And much more

The Anointing of an Apostolic Endorsement eBook

Cost: $15.00
The Endorser is one who gives his or her approval or recommends someone else. The person receiving the approval or recommendation is called the endorsee. There is an anointing that rests on an apostolic gift or man that releases the strength of an endorsement that brings restoration and thrust the believer to another level. And from Scripture to Scripture in the Bible, you will find this forgotten and neglected principle that most apostolic men walked in and activated in the lives of others and their ministers. The concept of endorsement is universal, especially in professional sports and entertainment. From Rodeo Drive to Madison Avenue, endorsements are everything. But why have we overlooked this powerful principle and the role it plays in the Church? Maybe it is because we have looked at endorsements more as a marketing ploy than a genuine Biblical principle. This book will teach you about the anointing of endorsements and then show you the process and the blessings of this powerful anointing when it is released and embraced.

The Apostle and His House eBook

Cost: $25.00
The anointing on an apostle determines the ingredients and direction of his house. It is those ingredients and components in an apostle that makes his house apostolic in nature. Dr. Tetsola, in this powerful training manual explains the significant ingredients and components that should always be part of an apostolic house to make it apostolic in nature.

The Apostolic Community eBook

Cost: $15.00
Foundational to the apostolic reformation is the idea that the whole church is to be an apostolic people. We are not just talking about the restoration of apostles to the churches, but a restoration of the apostolic nature of the church itself. God is looking throughout the earth for a people upon whom He can pour out His Spirit in a particular way and for a particular purpose. He seeks a people who will allow Him to bring them into unity. Then with one heart and one mind, they will arise to do the work of God. The insight in this book will assist you in understanding how to transit your church into the apostolic reformation and how to build a true apostolic community where the Spirit of God is released to impart the lives of people.

The Apostolic Culture and Pattern eBook

Cost: $15.00
The Scripture says in Ephesians 2:20 that we “are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the Chief Cornerstone.” The word apostolic is a functional word. It is the function of those who posses the anointing and who are walking within the confines of apostolicity. The apostolic ministry is one of the things that has been restored to the Church in this hour. The founding and grounding nature of the apostolic ministry and its anointing calls for identifying and equipping those qualified for leadership over the multiple works apostolic men are sent to establish. In this powerful book, you will learn and really understand the fullness of the apostolic ministry, its anointing, strategies and its applications.

The Apostolic Inheritance eBook

Cost: $15.00
This powerful book will show you how to discern the anointing on apostolic men, and how to activate and receive an apostolic inheritance.This powerful book will show you how to discern the anointing on apostolic men, and how to activate and receive an apostolic inheritance.

The Apostolic Made Simple Volume 1 - Understanding Apostolic Foundations eBook

Cost: $8.00
The word "apostolic" is not a theological perspective or doctrinal viewpoint. It is a functional word. It is the function of those who are walking within the confines of apostolicity. The apostolic ministry is very foundational in strength. It is one of many keys to opening the secrets of the kingdom of God in this hour. This book deals with key apostolic foundations that must be understood and embraced in order to properly build. Some of the chapters in this book discuss the following: • The emergence of the apostolic anointing •The enactment of appointments, ordinations, and installations • The strength of apostolic foundations and much more

The Apostolic Made Simple Volume 2 - Transitioning into the Apostolic Reformation and Understanding Apostolic Houses eBook

Cost: $8.00
Transitions are not easily embraced. A transition is a process, a passage, a move, and a change from one place method. or taste to another. It come with a great deal of pain and tremendous adjustment. Proper transitions are needed in order to fully understand and manifest the spirit of apostolicity. Transitional times are the silent times of our lives or of the life of a ministry when God lays the foundation and prepares us in private for public promotion. In this book, you will learn the following subjects that will assist you in understanding proper transition into the apostolic reformation. • The value of apostolic transitions • The apostolic reformation and anointing • Marks of an apostle and an apostolic house • Signs of an apostolic house • Keys to making an apostolic transition and much more

The Apostolic Made Simple Volume 3 - The Structural Flow of an Apostolic House that Releases Vision eBook

Cost: $8.00
Church government under the original apostles was so unique and free, and yet so effective that it defied dysfunction. First century church government was not dependent on form, but on the anointing of the leaders who held positions in it. It was not rigid, but flowed and matured like the life form that it was created to be. The apostles did not have a constitution that gave them the authority to dictate policy. Their main function was to lay a solid foundation of doctrine and to establish a church government that promoted liberty, not just conformity. In this powerful book, you will learn the following: • The hierarchies of an apostolic house • The release of the oneness anointing • The blessing in an apostolic house and much more

The Apostolic Made Simple Volume 4 - Creating an Apostolic Team that Builds Vision eBook

Cost: $8.00
An apostolic team spirit is a joint action by a group of believers in which each person subordinates his or her independence, interests, and opinions to the unity and efficiency of the team. This does not mean that the individuals are no longer important. It means that an effective and efficient team spirit and mindset goes beyond individual accomplishments. Dr. John Tetsola, explains how genuine apostolic teams are created and the struggles and pain of establishing apostolic teams. You will learn the following: • Understanding apostolic teams • How apostolic teams are created • Choosing apostolic team members • The struggles and pain of apostolic teams and much more

The Apostolic Made Simple Volume 5 - Building Apostolic Centers eBook

Cost: $8.00
Apostolic centers are houses and stations in cities region and nations that establish the rule of the Kingdom in that sphere, domain, and terrain. They administer the rule of the Kingdom. You cannot have kingdom rule without strong apostolic centers being established. Many of these centers cannot be established in regions and nations until the apostolic ministries are in their place. Dr. John Tetsola, in this powerful book explains what apostolic centers really are, how they are built and how the spirit of apostolicity is released from these centers. In this book, you will learn the following: • Understanding apostolic centers • The anointing of an apostolic center • The concept of an apostolic center • What is released from an apostolic center and much more

The Apostolic Made Simple Volume 6 - Understanding Apostolic Maturity and Ranks eBook

Cost: $10.00
All apostles are not on an equal plain or on the same level of maturity. There are five major levels of apostolic maturity and rank. Each maturity level determines the depth of the anointing the sphere of placement the strength of gifting, the measure of blessing and the measure of rule. Dr. John Tet ola, in this book, brings clarity and insights concerning the need to understand apostolic maturity and ranks to receive the fullness of the anointing that each apostolic man carries. In this book, you will learn the following: • Understanding apostolic maturity and ranks • The levels of apostolic anointing • The apostolic measure of rule and much more

The New Apostolic Shift EBook

Cost: $11.00
We are living in the church’s greatest hour. It is an hour of spiritual restoration and renewal. The Spirit of God is moving throughout the earth, making an impact in the lives of individuals, churches, and displaying tremendous manifestations of His sovereign power and glory. The body of Christ is seeing the total return of the church to her original New Testament glory and pattern. In the midst of this restoration, is the making and emergence of new apostolic and prophetic armies (voices) to accomplish God’s agenda. These will represent a group of apostolic and prophetic leaders that will bring refreshing and strength to what the Spirit of God is establishing in the body.

The Price for Walking in Apostolic Power eBook

Cost: $25.00
God’s desire is that we walk and demonstrate His power to the world. Every willing believer has the Master’s promise of power. However, not everyone possesses and walks in the promised power. This is because it is not something that you seek out or search for. Apostolic power is the degree of divine grace and capacity upon an apostolic man or an apostolic house...

True Apostolic Covering eBook

Cost: $10.00
An Apostolic Covering is the process and the mechanism of spiritually shielding, protecting and providing true fathering and mentorship to individuals, leaders, churches, ministries or groups of people in the body of Christ. The principle of covering is established in the order of fathers – relationship to their sons. This is the basis of all meaningful ministry in both the Old and New Testaments. True Apostolic Covering is never identified by the ownership of an ephod, but by the possession of a father’s heart that is turned toward his sons. There are different types and categories of coverings and whatever covering you are under will influence as well as determine your destiny.