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Prophetic Training Manual

Cost: $50.00
We are in a season that the Holy Spirit is raising up prophetic and apostolic armies...

Releasing the Prophetic Anointing in the Local Church

Cost: $11.00
The prophetic ministry is the instrument God is using together with the apostolic ministry to build His kingdom on the earth today.

Birthing Prophetic Sons

Cost: $8.00
As we prepare for a new season in God, it is imperative that the men and women that are being birthed in this hour are sons that have been reared and raised in the houses of fathers who are prophetic...

Developing Prophetic Accuracy

Cost: $10.00
Accuracy is the life-style of the man or woman that lives and walks consistently in the realm of the spirit. That is the desire of God for His people...

Prophetic Development

Cost: $12.00
Maturity is a key ingredient in flowing properly in the prophetic anointing...

Prophets and Prophetic Leaders

Cost: $11.00
The restoration of the apostolic and prophetic ministry has caused the emergence of prophetic voices...

The Prophetic Strength

Cost: $10.00
The prophetic anointing is a battle-axe that is used to bring deliverance to people, to situations and the restoration of dead dreams and visions...