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Birthing Prophetic Sons eBook

Cost: $8.00
As we prepare for a new season in God, it is imperative that the men and women that are being birthed in this hour are sons that have been reared and raised in the houses of fathers who are prophetic. These kinds of sons are what we call “prophetic sons.” They are a pure breed of men and women whose ultimate purpose is to pursue and take the voice of God to their generation. In this book, Dr. Tetsola clearly explains, with a strong impartation, how these men and women are raised and trained to receive the mantle of their father.

Developing Prophetic Accuracy eBook

Cost: $10.00
Accuracy is the life-style of the man or woman that lives and walks consistently in the realm of the spirit. That is the desire of God for His people. But prophetic sharpness is not developed overnight. It comes with consistent training and practicing. It comes with understanding prophetic pitfalls and developing a willingness to avoid them. In Proverbs 24:16, King Solomon writes “for a righteous man may fall seven times and rise again.” Notice that the Proverb 24 man is called “righteous,” not because he was without failure, but because he was willing to rise out of his failure. That is what learning and developing accuracy and sharpness in the spirit is all about. This book will lead you in the path of learning and practicing accuracy in the prophetic anointing.

Prophetic Development eBook

Cost: $12.00
Maturity is a key ingredient in flowing properly in the prophetic anointing. The damages caused to most Christians in the Church today emanate from immature prophets or prophetic leaders attempting to flow in realms that do not match their own growth level. Understanding this, “truth known and not properly or wisely executed is truth unknown.” In this season, the spirit of God is demanding maturity in the prophetic operation and flow. This book will tremendously teach you the growth processes of the prophet and the prophetic anointing he carries. It will cause a new stirring and desire in your spirit to grow up in God.

Prophetic Training Manual eBook

Cost: $50.00
We are in a season that the Holy Spirit is raising up prophetic and apostolic armies. A cursory glance in the Spirit reveals that the prophetic rain of God is intensifying upon the Church, and a new and fresh awareness of the prophetic anointing is being embraced. But in the midst of this, there is a new cry and hunger. It is the hunger for growth and maturity in the prophetic flow. There is a fresh yearning for a new depth and understanding in the prophetic anointing. The “Prophetic Training Manual” is designed to help train men and women in the prophetic anointing, the prophetic office, and in the development of strong prophetic teams.

Prophets and Prophetic Leaders eBook

Cost: $11.00
The restoration of the apostolic and prophetic ministry has caused the emergence of prophetic voices. While this is highly applauded, great damage, errors and disgrace have been brought upon the lives of innocent people. Many in the Church have ended up titling themselves what they are not, because they lack the proper understanding of the office, the heart, and the character and characteristics of prophets and prophetic leaders. Dr. John Tetsola, under the prophetic anointing, has meticulously written this material to produce fresh insight in your life. This material will jolt you into a new level of prophetic understanding.

Releasing the Prophetic Anointing in the Local Church EBook

Cost: $11.00
The prophetic ministry is the instrument God is using together with the apostolic ministry to build His kingdom on the earth today. We are not talking about being recognized as a prophet in the local church, but having an understanding of the prophetic move of God that is taking place throughout the Body of Christ and the freedom to allow it to function in the local church.

The House Prophet and the Presbytery EBook

Cost: $11.00
The role of the house or resident prophet and its understanding cannot be overstated in this season. No matter how we feel about the prophetic, whether we allow it in our church or not, the house or resident prophet’s role is key to embracing the prophetic culture and its operation in a local assembly. The increased dominance of perverted truth, false teaching, the occult and darkness in our society demands that we truly embrace the prophetic office and its anointing in understanding the training, the development and the functionality of the house prophets and the presbytery.

The Prophetic Strength eBook

Cost: $10.00
The prophetic anointing is a battle-ax that is used to bring deliverance to people, to situations and the restoration of dead dreams and visions. This anointing has the strength to change situations. In this book, Dr. John Tetsola details the characteristics of the prophetic anointing, the prophetic strength and the demonstration of the anointing to open barren visions and barren circumstances. The anointing upon the truths in this book will produce deliverance in your life.