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Contending for Prosperity God's Way eBook

Cost: $10.00
We must want to prosper and see the manifestation of the promises of God in our lives. In order for this to become a reality, we must be willing to deal with the existing mindsets that contradict the desire and the promises of God for our lives, and contend for prosperity God’s way.

Living in God's Overflow eBook

Cost: $11.00
God’s ultimate desire is for His people to live in the fullness of His promises. It is for you to live the blessed life, the overflow life...God’s ultimate desire is for His people to live in the fullness of His promises. It is for you to live the blessed life, the overflow life. The blessed life is the life of advancement, and growth, abundant living. It is the life of God. It’s the life that enjoys the fullness of what Christ accomplished on the cross. It’s the gift of God that’s bestowed on the believer. This book will teach you how to live in God’s Overflow.

Living the High Life of God eBook

Cost: $11.00
Receiving a promise from God is not in itself a guarantee that the promise will come to pass if you are not willing to meet the condition of the promise. The insight in this book will teach you the process and the stages a promise goes through before its manifestation.

The Anointing of Opportunity eBook

Cost: $12.00
Opportunity comes with so many different faces that we often don’t recognize it. That’s probably why we sometimes miss its call. Sometimes these opportunities may look like coincidences. These are the hand of God at work in situations and events of life with the aim of actualizing a divine purpose. The anointing of opportunity is divine and a divine opportunity is a set of events, circumstances or situations orchestrated and arranged by the Spirit of God that makes it possible for you to obtain or do something that you have never done before. But for this to happen you must learn to recognize an opportunity and then be prepared to walk in it. Dr. John Tetsola in this book teaches us the value of divine opportunities, how to identity and bring it into manifestation. In this book you will learn the following: • The importance of opportunity in the life of the believer • The opportunistic mindset • The opportunistic mindset and how it is developed. • How to identify an opportunity • How to prepare yourself for opportunity • Factors to consider before embracing an opportunity. • And much more

The Laws of Increase EBook

Cost: $12.00
The nature of the Kingdom is increasing not decreasing, its growth, not immaturity, and its fruitfulness not barrenness. When we are in the Kingdom of God our lives should be marked by an increase in every viable area. Christ increases and ultimately He came to increase the lives of all, therefore it is illegal for any believer to live with a mindset of decrease.

The Power of the Tithe eBook

Cost: $7.00
God has identified some of the money we make as His. Ten percent of everything you earn – the tithe – belongs to God. In our modern world, that money is given to support the work of the local church. Tithing is a matter of the heart. It is a demonstration of our love to God. Tithing is a command with a promise. The promises of God always come to pass. Dr. John A. Tetsola in this book helps to bring clarity and understanding concerning this controversial subject. In this book, you will come to understand the following: • What the tithe really is • The history of tithing • Tithing God’s way • Understanding the laws of harvest • And much more

The Power Seedtime and Harvest EBook

Cost: $7.00
Everything that God created comes from and reproduces after its own kind. Everything that God created is self-sustaining and self-perpetuating. A seed is a self-contained unit designed for the reproduction of a species. Planting seeds and getting harvests are a part of the essential design of God’s creation as well as being an essential part of God’s hidden nature and character. In this powerful book, Dr. John Tetsola explains in simplicity the power of seedtime and harvest and how to walk fully in it. This book will reveal to you these key important truths: • What seed, time and harvest really are • How to receive your wants, needs and desires • The principle that governs giving • The enemies of prosperity • And much more

The Provision Power of God eBook

Cost: $12.00
Among the eastern cultures, natural barrenness was often considered to be a family’s greatest misfortune. God wants to turn our barrenness into fruitfulness. Like natural barrenness, we often go through dry and rough seasons without any logical explanation. But God always has a plan if we will be open to Him. God’s plan is to always take us from barrenness to fruitfulness. Dr. Tetsola in this powerful book lays out the process of how the power of God takes us through a barren season to a fruitful season. This book will teach you the following: • Turning seasons of barrenness into fruitfulness • The promise of provisional supply • Markers of a prosperous soul • How not to miss the provision of God • And much more

The Transforming Power of the Blessing of God eBook

Cost: $15.00
All our lives, we have heard the word blessing. The subject of blessing is mentioned in the Bible about 600 times and its opposite cursing, about 200 times. That makes this subject a major theme of the Scriptures...

Understanding Kingdom Prosperity eBook

Cost: $7.00
God wants everyone to prosper, and He has given us all the abilities and the power to prosper. However, prosperity begins with understanding our role. We are God's stewards. Our lives, talents, abilities and living in a world of unparalleled opportunity are all gifts from God. By meditating on His word about how He has already given us all the ability to prosper, this book will give you insight and revelation into becoming prosperous and a good steward for your Father God. Dr. Tetsola in this book explains with clarity the process and progressiveness of how God prospers the believer. In this book you will come to understand the following: • The keys to prosperity • The road to prosperity • How to keep the window of heaven open over your life • And much more

Understanding the Dynamics of Multiplication eBook

Cost: $7.00
At some time in our life, we can all remember the multiplication tables. We were tested with those flash cards. But, what about a different kind of multiplication?...

Wealth Creation God's Way eBook

Cost: $12.00
Kingdom wealth operates on the premise of God’s economy. Like all dimensions of God’s Kingdom, Jesus explained that it starts like a grain of mustard seed, small and harmless, but potent and unstoppable in its growth. God’s economy is first spiritual and then it manifests in the physical once we adhere in faith to God’s instructions. Any wealth created or obtained outside of God has failure attached to it in one area or another.