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Called But Not Chosen EBook

Cost: $15.00
Every believer is presented with the opportunity to fulfill destiny, to accomplish an assignment, and to eventually answer the mandate of God for their life...

Destiny Robbers eBook

Cost: $11.00
Each of us has been given what the Scripture describes as an “expected end”...Each of us has been given what the Scripture describes as an “expected end.” It is up to every believer to discover the purpose of God for their lives and to follow that path willingly and by faith. Sadly, there are many snares and pitfalls designed by the enemy along the path of destiny to rob us of the opportunities to accomplish God’s intention for our life. This powerful book will teach you how to locate the robbers of your destiny and stay on track with strength and focus to fulfill your assignment.

The Call, the Election, Your Purpose eBook

Cost: $8.00
Every believer was ordained to live a fulfilled life. A fulfilled life is a life of serving the mandate of God with strength and passion...

The Dynamics of Destiny Helpers eBook

Cost: $15.00
God’s design for the believer is to walk in the fullness of all that He originally ordained for us before the foundation of the earth. And that plan, dream or destiny is often bigger than we know, recognize and are able to accomplish on our own. Because of this, God, in His plan has ordained and assigned helpers of various forms to connect to our lives at strategic moments to help us as we embark on the assignments. These helpers are what we call destiny helpers. Destiny helpers are supernatural gifts that are equipped, empowered, ordained, and designed by God to help you fulfill your destiny. Dr. John Tetsola in this powerful book teaches us who these helpers are, how to locate them, attract them in our lives and how to activate them on our behalf. In this book you will learn the following: • The importance of destiny helpers to God’s assignment • The six key truths about your destiny that attracts helpers to you • The types of destiny helpers that God brings into our life • The various forms in which destiny helpers appear in our lives • And much more

Your Calling in God eBook

Cost: $10.00
The call of God is a serious matter that demands understanding and assessment of one’s heart and motives for its fulfillment. The purpose which is locked within you has a timing and season in which to be unlocked, in which the veil is pulled away, and we are confronted with the reality of His call.