Our Vision

The Reformers Ministries International (RMI) is an apostolic network of churches, ministries and cutting edge leaders and ministers around the world. It is an interdenominational ministry with an IRS 501(C)3 recognition. Reformers Ministries International consists of two groups, Reformers Ministries International Network and Reformers Ministries International Church Fellowship. The RMI Network is open for participation with cross-denominational affiliates and ministry networks already practicing apostolic and ecclesiastical structure. The RMI Church Fellowship consists of those independent churches which have submitted themselves directly under the apostolic and ecclesiastical leadership of Reformers Ministries International and hold no other denominational affiliations.

Reformers Ministries International Church Fellowship maintains a separate oversight structure, which includes regional apostolic overseers appointed by the governing apostolic teams in designated geographical regions. The network is primarily fraternal, where the Fellowship is fraternal, and ecclesiastical in nature and function. It does not matter if you are an affiliate of other networks, or an independent church or ministry seeking an apostolic covering, we have room for you. Both the Network and the Church Fellowship is designed to bring supportive strength to existing churches, ministries leadership teams around the world. It is based on relational accountability and provides apostolic covering to churches, leaders and ministries. It is the coming together of churches, ministries and leaders of like passions, challenging one another to birth the purposes of God.

The Purpose of RMI

Reformers Ministries International (RMI) is designed for three main purposes which include the following:

Facilitating Meaningful Relationships

  • That ministries may find a sense of identification.
  • may enjoy fellowship and communion with those of like mind and those of the same tribe and bloodlines.
  • That ministers may receive protection through a commitment to accountability.
  • That ministers may experience the benefits of ministerial support.
  • By imparting knowledge of biblical principles of successful church life.
  • By promoting awareness and evaluation of current trends.
  • By sharing helpful ideas that will enhance their ministry.

Promoting a Common Vision

  • That the church of Jesus Christ may be glorious in its local expression.
  • That new churches may be planted and grow into maturity.
  • That ministers and churches experiencing difficulties may rely upon trust resources available to help them through RMI.