Author: Dr. John A. Tetsola
June 17, 2018

“Your words…were my joy and heart’s delight.”  

Jer 15:16 NIV


People in Bible times dealt with depression too. Elijah said, “I have had enough, Lord…Take my life” (1Ki 19:4 NIV). Job said, “I loathe my very life” (Job 10:1 NIV). David wrote, “My soul is downcast” (Ps 42:6 NIV). Now, when you’re clinically-depressed you should seek professional help. But the kind of depression we’re talking about here is when your motivation is drained, your desire to pursue God is gone, you’re conversations have turned sour, you’re blind to your blessings, your enthusiasm is forced, and you’re in a daze regarding the future. Here are some possible causes: (1) Sin. Sin is like a stone in your shoe; you’ll have no peace until you  get it out. No vacation, job change, relationship change, or doctor will heal it. But the blood of Jesus will cleanse it (See 1 Jn 1:7). (2) Greed. King Ahab’s obsession with owning Naboth’s vineyard made him miserable and affected his entire family (See 1 Ki 21:4). (3) Comparisons. Constantly comparing yourself to others will depress you (See 2 Co 10:12). (4) Speaking negatively. “The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will read the consequences” (Pr 18:21 NLT). (5) Fatigue. Jesus called His disciples aside to rest. Why? Because He recognized that when fatigue walks in, faith walks out (See Mk 6:31). (6) Unforgiveness. When you refuse to forgive someone, you carry them like an albatross around our neck. So what’s the remedy for depression? Often it starts with prayer and Bible reading. Jeremiah, who battled depression wrote, “When your words came, I ate them…they were my joy and my heart’s delight.”